This is a special...

2009-04-19 @ 21:48:14
... Time 2 pray,
 2 Love,
 2 Care,
 2 Give,
 2 Enjoy,
 and 2 thanks,
 GOD for what He does for us.
 I wish you all ortodox HAPPY EASTER!!

Btw, Mami Just called from Germ, and she made me so happy. I just miss her and the kids so much sometimes =(.
I wish, from the bottom of my heart that they all lived here in sweden.. I cant wait until it becomes summer, cuz thats when i go and visit them for one whole month! Its only two months left ! =D But I am not complaining, there are many who dont see their parents at all.... instead, I APPRECIATE! Something that many should learn to do 2!!


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